Chelsea agree fee with Real Madrid for Alvaro Morata (Suck it United)

Well it looks as if Alvaro Morata and Romelu Lukaku have finally both found new homes this summer. The transfer saga of these two strikers has undoubtedly been the summer story line in the soccer world (at least until PSG pay absurd money for Neymar), is finally nearing a close.

As a dedicated Chelsea fan, I like the move, and as a avid Manchester United hater, I love the move. Never mind the fact that United stole Lukaku away from under our noses a week or so ago, this transfew is a bigger slap in the face to United than that was to Chelsea. I know this may seem a bit of a stretch, but hold on a minute and let me explain. At the start of the summer all signs pointed to Morata becoming a United player and Lukaku suiting up in Chelsea blue. All the rumors (for whatever they’re worth) had each of those players as United and Chelsea’s number one targets, respectively. As the summer went on and one thing followed another, Lukaku ends up signing for United after they deem Morata too expensive with Madrid reportedly asking upwards of €80 million. That’s only €5 million more than they eventually did pay for Lukaku. The Morata fee for Chelsea is rumored to be about €10 million cheaper at €65 mil. Basically, United buying Lukaku gave Chelsea a nice little €15 mil discount on Morata, who, let’s be honest, is a better fit for Conte’s system.

We could probably sit here and debate which was the better transfer, who will score more goals, who was more worth the money etc. for hours, if not days. All in all, both teams have found themselves World Class number 9s and both players will surely have success. But being able to sign United’s number one target for significantly less than they would have had to pay is pretty great.

As for the what this means for the Chelsea team, I think the first thing is that Diego Costa probably won’t be a Chelsea player for much longer — thank god. Don’t get me wrong, Costa has been a great player for Chelsea, but dear lord have I gotten sick of his shenanigans. Morata should bring similar levels of production, only it won’t be coupled with childish outbursts at literally everything, which is a welcome change if you ask me. I also think this will round out Chelsea’s major transfers for the summer. Having already signed a defender (Rüdiger), midfielder (Bakayoko) in addition to this Morata deal, the team is looking pretty complete. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was another attack-minded, but lower profile deal made at some point in the future. Eden Hazard, who was undoubtedly Chelsea’s best player in their Premier League winning campaign last season, is recovering from a broken ankle and won’t be fully fit until after the season kicks off, leaving room for a depth signing, but even that seems unlikely as Willian can easily fill in that spot alongside Morata and Pedro. That has the makings of a dangerously quick, smart and creative front three.

All things considered I really do think Chelsea have gotten the better deal here and am pretty satisfied by that.


Author: Andy Siviy

Co-founder of Cautionable Offense with Ryan LeFrois.

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