Well-Known Soccer Pundit Chad Johnson Likens Darlington Nagbe to Neymar

Chad Johnson, commonly referred to as Ochocinco, recently took to Twitter to bless us all with his superior soccer knowledge. Yes, I’m talking about the 6x NFL Pro Bowl, 4x All-Pro, 2011 AFC Champion, 2006 NFL receiving leader, 10,000+ career receiving yards, Cincinnati Bengals franchise leader in receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, total yards from scrimmage, all-purpose yards, 100+ yard receiving games, and seasons with 1000+ receiving yards Chad Johnson. If anyone knows anything about soccer, it’s clearly someone with these credentials. The former Sporting KC not-at-all-a-publicity-stunt star showed us his expertise with this tweet:

Screenshot (33).png

This tweet goes 100 to 0 realllll quick. I was genuinely impressed with the phrase “lateral movement w/ the ball at his feet”. But then it goes total spin zone. “Is identical to Neymar”. You heard it here first folks. Darlington Nagbe, 1x NCAA Champion, 1x MLS Champion, 1x MLS All-Star, with 20 caps and 1 goal for the United States of America, can dribble just as well as Neymar, 2x La Liga winner, 3x Copa del Rey winner, 1x Champions League, 1x Confederations Cup Winner, Olympic Gold medalist, 2015 FIFA World XI selection, with 77 caps and 52 goals for Brazil. Neymar to PSG for $258 million? Ha. You want Darlington Nagbe? You better be ready to dish out $300 million then.




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